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Quist is a leading provider of business valuation services, consulting, and software solutions.

Our Legacy

Becoming one of the nation’s leading independent business valuation and securities analysis firms didn’t happen overnight. Our legacy comes from decades of experience performing tens of thousands of expert valuations with consistency, discipline, and integrity.

This success is thanks to our diverse staff of experienced valuation experts, proven processes, and invaluable software. Quist is here to help business owners and their advisors through every stage of the owner journey, from raising capital to exiting the business. It’s simple. Businesses that work with Quist get the detailed valuations and guidance that helps them make better decisions, improve company performance, and unlock potential value.

leading independent business valuation and securities analysis firm
our valuation approach

Our Approach

Our secret sauce is ensuring we properly identify the best possible outcomes in a timely manner. It’s at the core of our services whether using Quist’s software solution or leveraging full service valuation. Developed through our decades of experience, our approach is a repeatable, scalable, and holistic framework that works as well for small startups as it does for multinational firms.

Our Commitment

Passion for valuation. We realize no two assignments are ever the same. That’s why our team, processes, and technology are focused on providing the valuation services businesses need throughout their lifecycle.

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Quist Valuation team

Our Team

Business valuations require tried-and-true experts. Analysts with a penchant for pursuing excellence and a breadth of experience in investment banking, asset management, corporate finance, and financial advising. Collectively, we bring unique perspectives and unparalleled determination to provide business owners and their advisors with the best valuation solutions on the market.

Our Partnerships

At Quist, we believe in making the world a better place to live for our clients and for our families. We are as invested and committed to our valuation clients as we are our surrounding community.

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