Perhaps some of the greatest accolades we earn and appreciate are testimonials given from our clients.

Douglas M. Cain
Member, Sherman & Howard LLC

“Quist’s appraisal reports are meticulously written and persuasive. Additionally, Quist’s president, Shina Culberson, has articulated in my presence well phrased and convincing explanations in an adversarial interview conducted by an I.R.S. examiner, after which the examiner abandoned his tentative conclusions and accepted the tax return and appraisal as filed. Ms. Culberson would make an excellent witness in a trial defending Quist’s appraisal report. The staff of Quist also is easy and a fun group with whom to work.”

Edward D. Brown
Partner, Greenspoon Marder LLP

“It was wonderful working with the Quist Valuation team. Their high attentiveness, assistance and expertise was invaluable. True professionals, making us look like a star to our clients!! Many thanks.”

Kerry McGuire
General Manager, E&C Precast

“I highly recommend both Shina and her Quist Insights tool. It is nicely outlined, easy to use, and does not require sending a multitude of financial documents. In addition, the tool points out general company strengths and weaknesses with recommendations for improvements. The overall categories combine to give you a financial score, like FICO score. I can see this Quist Score becoming as routinely used as FICO. In addition, Shina, who is extremely knowledgeable with years of experience in finance and merger acquisitions, was very helpful in offering plenty of personal follow up and answering all my questions.”

John Koch
CFO, NexCore Group

“It was clear from the first meeting that the Quist team deeply understood the issues surrounding our valuation. Shina is a tremendous professional and an asset of the highest caliber.”

Eric Pampel
President & CEO, Pampel & Associates Inc.

“The estate lawyer and CPA reviewed the valuation you prepared on P&A. The CPA mentioned that he thought the valuation was very professionally done and thorough…. so thank you for that.”

Daniel C. Sheppard
Managing Member, Lake Mountain Mining LLC

“We have enjoyed working with Quist referencing their valuation services conducted on our gold mining project in Nevada. We recently completed our 2nd valuation with Quist. Mining is a very complicated sector with a broad array of voluminous statistical data sets for each project.”

Jason 'Wally' Waldron, CEPA Founder and CEO, Exitology

“At Exitology we are focused on growing our clients’ transferable value metric to set them up to achieve their perfect exit. We use Quist Spotlight in three different ways: 1. For the “Exit curious”, it helps us educate them on their options. 2. For our clients who are early in the process of growing to exit, it helps owners stay objective about their current situation and where they might be able to grow value in their business. 3. For clients who are not yet ready for a full valuation, we have found that by using Spotlight, we can use the reporting to better guide our clients and have more impactful conversations as we get everyone on the same page. Ultimately, in our role as advisors, Quist Spotlight has become an integral part of our offering and has increased the value of what we can do for our clients, and helped us create better results.”

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