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What You Can Expect

1. We’ll Discuss Your Needs and Objectives

When it comes to valuations, every situation is unique. The first step is to understand your current needs and objectives. Do you need an estimate of value for business planning purposes? Do you need support for compliance-related issues? Are you planning to sell a business soon? Quist valuation experts make this process easy, ensuring you and our team have all the information needed to move on to the next step.

2. We’ll Find The Solution That’s Best For You

Based on your current situation, we will identify which solution (or combination of solutions) is best for you. This could include:

  • Quist Insights – Spotlight™: Our software solution that provides a range of value alongside an assessment of Owner Readiness and Business Attractiveness.
  • Quist Insights – Advanced™: Our software solution that provides a range of value, an in-depth look at the key indicators of that value, and a prioritized action plan to improve it.
  • Quist Valuation – Full Service: Certified valuations and expert guidance for the businesses that need them. Reasons for full-service valuations could include wealth transfers, business exits, raising capital, and much more.

3. You’ll Get Detailed Guidance From The Quist Team

Valuation can be overwhelming. This is why all three of our offerings come with consultation and support from Quist’s valuation experts. By considering your circumstances and analyzing the data from your valuation solution, Quist will provide you with actionable recommendations that will help you succeed. Schedule your consultation today, and learn more about how Quist can help you.

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