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A profitable business exit often requires years of preparation. Buyers want businesses that can operate without the owner, are profitable, and have a structure for growth. In an ideal world, business owners would begin planning to sell their business as soon as they start it. The next best thing is to start now.

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No matter where owners are on their journey, if they want to sell their business, they need to understand the worth of their company today and what’s standing in the way of maximizing value. At Quist, we offer software solutions that help owners understand both. Plus, our in-depth assessments and guidance provide specific steps needed to close their value gap.

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Exit Planning Resources


ESOPs: A Must-Consider Exit Strategy for Business Owners, with Colorado’s Innovative Tax Credit Leading the Way

Has your business reached the point of success where an exit strategy seems like the next logical step? A smart business owner plans ahead and understands all their options when it comes to implementing an exit strategy so that they can get the most out...

December 27, 2023


An Innovative Forecast: Is Your Company Investor-Ready?

A leading Colorado-based company specializing in space technologies that also have applications here in our local communities came to us for assistance with valuing their company. J.C., the CEO knew that their small, 10 person company needed to raise capital if they wanted to continue...

July 2, 2019


What Happens When I Sell My Business? 3 Valuable Strategies

Entrepreneurship has many upsides. Business owners get to decide what they stand for and choose which customers they want to work with, owners set their own schedule and have control over their time, and they have the option to generate a nice income from their...

April 10, 2019


Podcast: How Businesses Can Drive Value During Ownership Transition with Shina Culberson

There will come a time for business owners to start to entertain the idea of ownership transition. In one way or another, they will have to transfer their businesses to the hands of other owners, carrying over not only the business itself but the employees...

February 6, 2019


Business Exit Strategies – How to Sell Your Business

An Innovative Forecast: Is Your Company Investor-Ready?John was thinking about retirement. His small, profitable company employed a half dozen people, and it seemed they were all in his office today – asking questions, complaining, or just making conversation. Time to figure out what the business...

November 27, 2018


When’s the Best Time to Start a Plan for the Sale of a Business?

John is very excited. He’s just begun his manufacturing company, he’s got his first customers, hired employees, and delivered his first orders. The business seems to be on its way to success. Selling his company is the last thing on his mind. But why? When...

April 10, 2018


The Loudest Voice About the Sale of Your Company

Who gets a say when it’s time to sell your company? In the case of many businesses, some or all of these people have input about the sale of a business.  How does a business owner handle all these potential interest groups? With care and...

March 13, 2018


3 Valuation Metrics to Help You Exit Your Business on Top

When Ken, a successful Colorado business owner, decided to exit his company he wasn’t sure what the options were, nor where to get direction. As he started to make these life-altering decisions, he and his wife were operating out of fear. They had a lot...

September 6, 2017


Transfer Your Business And Avoid The Deal Killer: Taxes

When you started your business, you may have had issues on your mind other than choosing the best corporate entity form for an eventual sale. Now that you are thinking about your exit, however, entity choice (C or S corporation) has become critically important. That’s...

December 5, 2016


Eight Ways to Exit Your Company

According to Paul Simon, there are 50 ways to leave a lover. Not being as creative as Mr. Simon, we’ve only come up with eight ways for owners to leave their companies: Given the right circumstances, one of these paths may be appropriate for you....

November 30, 2016


Retiring Boomers: The Good, the Bad, and the Opportunities

The Good It has been discussed for a decade now; the huge bubble of people born after WWII until the middle of the 60’s is quickly approaching retirement.  You’ve heard the numbers; Those rumblings you hear could be an avalanche of Boomer sellers of unheard...

January 12, 2016


Business Succession Planning for Private Companies

Creating Exit Options Comes from Early Planning and Creating Value Fueled by the roughly eight million Baby Boomers moving toward retirement, the next 10 to 15 years is expected to bring substantial transfers of wealth through both the outright sale of businesses as well as...

July 7, 2015

Quist Insights: Close Your Value Gap

Using the Quist Insights software, you can assess a business’s Owner Readiness, Business Attractiveness, and Value Gap, and get actionable ways to improve each to prepare for a successful exit.