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When it comes to transferring wealth, it’s better to start planning sooner rather than later. Effective wealth transfer planning can limit family conflicts, help you preserve wealth, reduce estate costs, and reduce taxes. Plus, addressing your estate plan now puts you in a position to monitor its progress while you are living and make adjustments as circumstances change.

Valuations: How Quist Can Help

When you begin to think about transferring wealth, valuation will be one of your top priorities. By working with Quist, you can get accurate and defensible valuations. We have decades of experience providing business valuations for gift and estate tax purposes, so you can be sure that our valuations and guidance are top-notch.

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Wealth Transfer Resources


2022 Colorado State of Owner Readiness™ Survey

Quist helped sponsor the 2022 Colorado State of Owner Readiness™ survey, in partnership with the State of Colorado, the Exit Planning Institute, and other strategic partners.This research had been conducted in over 11 markets across the country, but this was the first time a state-wide...

March 1, 2022


Popular Estate and Gift Tax Planning Techniques – Are They Doomed?

In response to instructions under the budget resolution passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal offered an amendment on September 13 that includes several tax changes in the area of estates, gifts, and trusts.  The two most relevant...

October 8, 2021


Best Practices: Discounts for Lack of Marketability (DLOM)

Discounts for lack of marketability (DLOMs) have frequently been the subject of controversy in valuations. The reason: applying a DLOM – an amount or percentage deducted from the value of an ownership interest to reflect the relative absence of marketability – can result in significant...

September 24, 2021


Personal and Estate Planning – Use a Legacy Expert!

This is the second of a two part series on Personal and Estate planning, emphasizing what’s important to consider right now.  As you probably know, now is THE time to consider transferring assets out of the estate due to lower valuations. As you work with...

May 1, 2020


Managing Change in Personal and Estate Planning

This is the first of a two part series on Personal and Estate planning. With the COVID-19 uncertainty, now is the time to take a very close look at current estate and personal plans, as both a checkup measure and to also potentially take advantage...

April 17, 2020


Tax Reform and Value: What business owners need to know.

Is your business worth more – or less – in 2018? Now that the Tax Cut and Jobs Act is law, what now? Because these rules affect the value of your business, every business owner needs to be aware of these important changes. Overall, companies...

February 1, 2018


How to Defend Against IRS Valuation Audits

Tax season is quickly approaching, and fear of an audit may be on the minds of some of your clients. While most IRS audits are unlikely (1 in 100), clients filing valuations with estate tax returns are very likely. “This is the I.R.S.’s last whack...

August 22, 2017


Death and Taxes vs. Preserving Wealth – The Final Exit Planning Contest

Full disclosure: Wealth preservation planning can’t help any of us cheat death, but it can help business owners to avoid taxes and achieve financial security. Read on. The ideal Exit Plan (one that provides the business exit you desire) includes a strategy to help you...

April 14, 2016


Industry Update: IRS publishes an internal document that reveals the agency’s most current thinking on the valuation of S Corps

The IRS S corp Job Aid says in the introductory section: [A]bsent a compelling showing that unrelated parties dealing at arm’s-length would reduce the projected cash flows by a hypothetical entity level tax, no entity level tax should be applied in determining the cash flows...

September 3, 2015


Understanding Advantages of Alternative Valuation Methods for Holding Companies

When valuing interests in holding companies, appraisers typically incorporate the asset-based approach. The asset-based approach considers the value of the subject company’s assets and liabilities in order to arrive at the value of equity. The net asset value (“NAV”) method is one method under the...

September 3, 2015


Gift and Estate Tax: How are they related?

The Gift Tax, according to the definition on the IRS website, “…is a tax on the transfer of property by one individual to another while receiving nothing, or less than full value, in return.” The Estate Tax is defined by the same website as, “…a...

March 13, 2014

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