A Message from Our President – 3.26.20

Dear Partners, Clients and Friends,

At this unprecedented time, I want to let you know that we at Quist are thinking about you. Through our 35 year history we have certainly been through many ups and downs in the financial markets. And, while there are lessons to be learned by examining former market conditions and behaviors, each new crisis brings its own set of unique challenges.

This particular healthcare crisis has left many of us feeling out of sorts – adapting to interrupted routines and isolated from social distancing. We want to ensure you that while we too are working remotely and establishing new norms, we are available to you, as consultants, advisors, and listeners.

I personally want to send a special thank you to all of the nurses, doctors and healthcare workers on the front lines. As some of you know, my mother, after 35 years as an emergency room nurse in Los Angeles, retired and moved in with our family a little over a year ago. Given the incredible demands being placed on our healthcare providers, she has chosen to re-enter the healthcare workforce. This decision was not made lightly, but it is truly noble and part of our family fabric of service to others. In our in-depth conversations about how our individual decisions impact not only those closest to us but also those who don’t know us, we are finding new ways to support others – family, friends, clients, and those who connect with us for guidance.

As you make the difficult and challenging decisions about what is needed for you, your family and your business, know that we are here to share our experience with you. We are wishing you health and serenity.


Shina Culberson


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