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How to value a company in the era of COVID-19?

We are often asked by clients, what valuation methodologies should be considered in the era of COVID-19? There is no silver bullet answer to this question. Given the significant impact on capital markets and increased market volatility, a business appraiser must think “outside the box”...

June 30, 2020


Political Outlook – Following Closely As Challenges Arise For Majority

The latest EPI Rocky Mountain Chapter meeting on June 4th with Jim Carlisle from Bank of America’s Federal Government Relations team featured a bipartisan overview of what potential effects to expect from the upcoming November elections. “Political Environment and Outlook” covered the developments across the...

June 15, 2020


Personal and Estate Planning – Use a Legacy Expert!

This is the second of a two part series on Personal and Estate planning, emphasizing what’s important to consider right now.  As you probably know, now is THE time to consider transferring assets out of the estate due to lower valuations. As you work with...

May 1, 2020


Managing Change in Personal and Estate Planning

This is the first of a two part series on Personal and Estate planning. With the COVID-19 uncertainty, now is the time to take a very close look at current estate and personal plans, as both a checkup measure and to also potentially take advantage...

April 17, 2020


Why Valuation is Important – Right Now

Today’s environment is ever-changing, with the advent and spread of COVID-19 affecting markets across the globe. Almost every company – small, midsize, and enterprise – is being impacted in some manner, and each day brings a new paradigm and shifting business conditions. Now more than...

March 27, 2020


A Message from Our President – 3.26.20

Dear Partners, Clients and Friends, At this unprecedented time, I want to let you know that we at Quist are thinking about you. Through our 35 year history we have certainly been through many ups and downs in the financial markets. And, while there are...

March 26, 2020


Dividing Your Business: What Happens in Divorce?

As part of the divorce process, many assets and liabilities will have to be divided between the two spousal parties through a process called equitable distribution. Essentially, a court will classify property as either marital or separate, place a value on the property, and then...

February 25, 2020


Cannabis Industry Outlook and Trends – What Lies Ahead for 2020

The Cannabis industry continues to attract growers, retailers and other entrepreneurs in large numbers. While sales have increased substantially over the last several years, it is becoming apparent that a focus on fundamentals is becoming more important to stay solvent or become an attractive acquisition...

February 12, 2020


Part 6 – The Ultimate Guide Of How To Value Your Company: Environmental, Social, and Governance

That last meeting was interesting. One of Jean’s senior staff presented a plan to tighten the company’s security posture and improve data privacy. There are so many issues to consider! And along with data privacy, she wanted to understand the environmental and social impact of...

July 16, 2019