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The Green Tsunami

As of Tuesday, California, Massachusetts, and Nevada joined Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, along with Washington DC to legalize marijuana, pushing the percentage of Americans living in states where marijuana use is legal for adults to above 20 percent. As voters in more states embrace...

November 10, 2016


3 Keys to Identifying a “Key” Employee

This article covers insights pertaining to the unique traits key employees possess, and how to spot them immediately when hiring or looking to delegate more responsibility. It depicts key attributes and moreover what those individuals look for in their careers and employers. Key employee incentive...

October 12, 2016


Creating Value in Your Business to Get Top Dollar When You Leave It

Did you ever wonder why one business has buyers lined up willing to pay top dollar while another sits on the market for months, or even years? What do buyers look for in a prospective business acquisition? There are many opinions about what attributes or...

April 28, 2016


Death and Taxes vs. Preserving Wealth – The Final Exit Planning Contest

Full disclosure: Wealth preservation planning can’t help any of us cheat death, but it can help business owners to avoid taxes and achieve financial security. Read on. The ideal Exit Plan (one that provides the business exit you desire) includes a strategy to help you...

April 14, 2016


What Every Early Stage Company Should Know About Common Stock Valuations

Prior to 2004, it was common practice to set the fair market value of common stock for purposes of setting option exercise prices by loosely estimating an appropriate discount from the price of recently issued preferred stock. The discount to the most recent preferred stock...

March 30, 2016


Elements of a Plan to Sell to Insiders

Today we discuss the essential elements of a plan owners use to transfer a business to insiders (with the help of skilled advisors) that keeps the owner in control until he or she is paid the sale price. If you suspect that the children, key...

March 24, 2016


Value Drivers

Let’s talk about transferable value: the value buyers look for and pay for when making acquisitions.  Value drivers increase transferable value if they contribute to cash flow both during and after the original owner’s tenure. Determining how to increase transferable value is the owner’s job.  But...

February 17, 2016


Retiring Boomers: The Good, the Bad, and the Opportunities

The Good It has been discussed for a decade now; the huge bubble of people born after WWII until the middle of the 60’s is quickly approaching retirement.  You’ve heard the numbers; Those rumblings you hear could be an avalanche of Boomer sellers of unheard...

January 12, 2016


Do ESG Programs Create Value For Your Company?

The market recognizes that companies with high ratings for environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are lower risk than other companies and the market rewards them accordingly. In the hierarchy of factors that count with investors and markets in general, governance is ranked highest and...

December 3, 2015