Personal and Estate Planning – Use a Legacy Expert!

This is the second of a two part series on Personal and Estate planning, emphasizing what’s important to consider right now. 

As you probably know, now is THE time to consider transferring assets out of the estate due to lower valuations.

As you work with business owners to plan a tax minimization strategy, it’s important that those owners also:

• Have a strategic business plan that considers each family member’s point of view
• Have a continuity plan for the smooth transition of successors
• Acknowledge how prepared successors are to run their business

50 percent of business owners want to exercise the option of passing along their business to the next generation – however, only about 30 percent actually do.

Leveraging a team of legacy experts, that have worked through an extensive range of market situations, will make all the difference in accurate and defensible valuations.

Valuation is complex work, and expertise is garnered by performing a disciplined set of processes on a regular basis. As a 35+ year legacy organization, we’ve seen a wide variety of ups & downs and significant market changes, and are well equipped to best handle your client’s valuation needs.

We are interested – how has COVID-19 affected your clients’ businesses? 

What do you see as the biggest strategy changes in their businesses in the next 24 months?

If you are looking for strategy and support for intergenerational ownership transitions in this environment, please contact us for a conversation. 

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