Quist Insights Partners with Portocol to Help Owners Increase Business Value

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SaaS-based tool leverages 35 years of data to produce one of kind valuation algorithm

Boulder, CO —Date— Quist Insights, a spinoff company from Quist Valuation, one of the nation’s leading independent business valuation and securities analysis firms, today announced a partnership with Portocol Business Strategies.

Portocol is a leading business management consulting firm specializing in positioning and equipping management to achieve strategic growth, develop the next generation of management, and achieve market value to support an eventual sale or transition of ownership.

Quist Insights is an on-line SaaS based solution which allows users to simply and quickly calculate the value of their company as well as its overall operational efficiency.  The solution measures both quantitative financial data as well as key qualitative business drivers.  The tool’s algorithms and outputs capitalize on the 35 years of full valuation experience from Quist Valuation, its parent company.  

The partnership between Portocol and Quist Insights is designed to help business owners understand how their business is valued and actions business owners can take to increase that value.

Mike Tafoya, CEO of Portocol is thrilled about the partnership.  “Our partnership with Quist is a perfect fit.  Quist Insight’s valuation tool provides a clear parallel with Portocol’s client objectives as we help them position their companies for success and for a future transition.”

 “Quist is delighted to welcome Portocol to our growing partner community,” said Patrice Barber, CMO of Quist Insights.  “This partnership marks Quist’s continued focus centered on helping companies understand—and improve—the value of their business.”

About Quist Valuation

Quist Valuation, was founded in 1984 and has grown into one of the nation’s leading independent business valuation and securities analysis firms.  The expert staff of chartered financial analysts and accredited senior appraisers guides public and private companies and investment entities through the intricacies of financial reporting, corporate finance, tax compliance and related litigation support.

Quist Insights was developed to address and provide an alternative to the often expensive and time-consuming full valuation process.  The tool enables business owners to quickly and easily quantify and assess the key elements that drive business value and provides actionable information to enhance the business’ value and operational efficiencies.

About Portocol Business Strategies

Portocol brings over 80 years of business experience to the marketplace.  Over the past 10 years many of their clients have experienced exponential growth in all areas of their businesses.  Portocol uniquely builds inclusive peer group business communities that provide its clients with: 1) proven organization structure and timeless business best practices, 2) strategic and tactical planning tools, 3) confidence to make sound strategic growth decision, and 4) support and direction that instills strategic focus, diverse perspective and personal confidence.

Portocol engages with all levels of management from executive level and middle management to front-line supervision, using a comprehensive approach to help build and optimize every aspect of their clients’ business.

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Patrice Barber at barber@quistvaluation.com or 303.887.4246

Quist Valuation

Quist Valuation was founded in 1984 and is a leading independent business valuation and securities analysis firm.


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