How Quist Helps Business Owners Determine and Enhance the Value of Their Business

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When personal challenges led Kathy M. to initiate plans for selling her locally-owned manufacturing company in 2018, she turned to Quist.

Kathy had never had her business formally valued. She wasn’t sure if the value of her business would match her expectations or even if the timing was right. Quist had come highly recommended by her commercial banker, and when Kathy met a member of the Quist team at an industry event, she felt confident in moving forward with a plan that would help her assess the strengths and weaknesses of her business, determine a current range of value, and understand steps she could take to improve her business’s attractiveness.

Leveraging Business Valuation Software to Create a Comprehensive Plan

Kathy initially conducted the Quist Insights – Advanced survey at the end of 2018, with a Q-Score and value assessment that was slightly below average. These results shared that her biggest value creation opportunities fell under the categories of:

  • Customer Value – specifically, the business needed to lower customer concentration and put a formal plan in place to understand customer satisfaction.
  • Employee Value – specifically, Kathy needed to better delegate to key members of management and build accountability measures by better defining roles and responsibilities and to document systems and processes to build redundancies.
  • Financial Value – specifically, the business needed to think about scaling and focus on profit margins.

Kathy believes in Quist’s methods and appreciates that she’s able to be in control of her future planning. “With Quist, you’re more of a participant in the selling of your business, versus providing a CPA with information and being totally hands-off,” Kathy said.

She adds, “The cost and time associated with waiting for a CPA or other advisor to put together a comprehensive valuation is far greater than I expected. With Quist, the business valuation software is easy to use, user-friendly, and can be done from the comfort of my own office.”

“Quist not only provides you with an honest assessment and clear and concise results but also shares market data and the processes they used to determine your valuation, as well as how you can improve your valuation before a sale ever takes place. They consult on their actionable, tailored recommendations and leave it to me, the person who knows the business best, to take the reins from there.”

Kathy was excited by the clear recommendations that the Quist Insights – Advanced assessment provided and understood the additional value she could drive to her business. Since 2018, Kathy has followed Quist’s recommendations and taken the Advanced survey two more times to see how her score and business value has changed. She focused on de-risking the Customer and Employee aspects of her business, and at the end of 2021, was able to achieve a 70-point increase on her Q-Score, increasing the range of value of her business by approximately 35%.

Preparing for the Future

Now that Kathy has mitigated some risks to her business, she continues to focus on ways to grow revenue and improve profitability. Since Kathy began working with Quist, revenue has grown 20% year-over-year and her EBITDA margin has improved by 5%. Kathy most recently took the Advanced survey at the end of 2022 and found her score increased by 40 points, with improvements in revenue and profitability nearly doubling the value of her business.

“Although there were external triggers that made me feel like I had to sell my business right away, I now understand that this process takes time. Quist continues to help me set the business up for optimum success and I’m thankful that they provided me with that lightbulb moment that made me realize things happen in life, which is why it’s best to prepare for the future and make the most out of my business now,” Kathy said.

“I would recommend Quist to anyone, but especially small businesses with minimal resources who are seeking a clear path to success.” Now, if and when Kathy decides to sell her business, she’ll do so knowing she’s getting the most out of it.

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