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Dividing Your Business: What Happens in Divorce?

As part of the divorce process, many assets and liabilities will have to be divided between the two spousal parties through a process called equitable distribution. Essentially, a court will classify property as either marital or separate, place a value on the property, and then...

February 25, 2020


Cannabis Industry Outlook and Trends – What Lies Ahead for 2020

The Cannabis industry continues to attract growers, retailers and other entrepreneurs in large numbers. While sales have increased substantially over the last several years, it is becoming apparent that a focus on fundamentals is becoming more important to stay solvent or become an attractive acquisition...

February 12, 2020


Part 6 – The Ultimate Guide Of How To Value Your Company: Environmental, Social, and Governance

That last meeting was interesting. One of Jean’s senior staff presented a plan to tighten the company’s security posture and improve data privacy. There are so many issues to consider! And along with data privacy, she wanted to understand the environmental and social impact of...

July 16, 2019


An Innovative Forecast: Is Your Company Investor-Ready?

A leading Colorado-based company specializing in space technologies that also have applications here in our local communities came to us for assistance with valuing their company. J.C., the CEO knew that their small, 10 person company needed to raise capital if they wanted to continue...

July 2, 2019


Part 5 – The Ultimate Guide Of How To Value Your Company: Financial Value

Jean went to grab a cup of coffee. Reviewing these financial statements was making her head hurt. The company was doing well, though there were always areas for improvement Business owners often find it difficult to recognize when it’s time to prepare the company for...

June 17, 2019


A Quick Survival Guide to Surprising Business Break-ups

Partnerships often start with excitement and anticipation. It seems that this new partnership will be beautiful forever. Some partnerships do last forever but as business owners, it’s best to plan for a future that may include one or more partners leaving the partnership. As you’re...

June 6, 2019


Part 4 – The Ultimate Guide Of How To Value Your Company: Customer Value

Jean put down the phone. That customer was finally happy. It had taken all her people skills to help them through their issues, but the end result was positive. Jean’s company had a great customer base, and sales were good. But was her customer base...

May 21, 2019


How To Keep And Attract Key Employees In Your Business

The ability to retain and attract employees has become a well-known essential component of any business’s current success, future growth, and ability to sell. Offering good vacation and medical plans simply isn’t enough to hold valuable employees in place today. So, what’s the solution? Is...

May 8, 2019

News and Press

Quist Welcomes New Partner: Colorado Companies to Watch

Colorado Companies to Watch (CCTW), a nonprofit that recognizes and supports 2nd stage companies, has partnered with Quist Insights to deliver invaluable business valuations for scores of Colorado firms.

April 11, 2019