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Quist Insights Launches Assessment Tool to Help Owners Increase Business Value

SaaS-based tool leverages 35 years of data to produce one of kind valuation algorithm BOULDER, Colo. — Oct. 26, 2018 — Quist Insights, a spinoff company from Quist Valuation, one of the nation’s leading independent business valuation and securities analysis firms, today announced the launch...

October 26, 2018


How To Lose $9M In One Day.

We had the honor of hearing Ms. Bloom’s story at CTLF on October 3, 2018. Molly Bloom is the author of the best-selling book  Molly’s Game: The True Story of the 26-Year-Old Woman Behind the Most Exclusive, High-Stakes Underground Poker Game in the World! She is also the...

October 8, 2018


3 Strategies for Great Direct Investment In Private Equity

A family office approached Quist Valuation for assistance in managing the reporting that is necessary for their direct investing compliance. This office wanted to capture a higher return on their investment dollars through direct investmentsin private equity. Should your family office move to a direct...

July 9, 2018


No Good Comps? 3 Better Ways to Business Valuation.

Are you ready to value your business? The Guideline Public Company method is a technique used to value a company based on the pricing multiples for similar companies (“Comps”). What if there are no good Comps to use during your company valuation? Comparing the size...

June 12, 2018


3 Great Reasons to Get Your Business Revalued

Is it time to get your business revalued? The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changes how businesses are valued. The new tax law affects each business differently and what was a reality even one year ago may no longer be true. Is your company worth...

May 8, 2018


When’s the Best Time to Start a Plan for the Sale of a Business?

John is very excited. He’s just begun his manufacturing company, he’s got his first customers, hired employees, and delivered his first orders. The business seems to be on its way to success. Selling his company is the last thing on his mind. But why? When...

April 10, 2018


The Loudest Voice About the Sale of Your Company

Who gets a say when it’s time to sell your company? In the case of many businesses, some or all of these people have input about the sale of a business.  How does a business owner handle all these potential interest groups? With care and...

March 13, 2018


Tax Reform and Value: What business owners need to know.

Is your business worth more – or less – in 2018? Now that the Tax Cut and Jobs Act is law, what now? Because these rules affect the value of your business, every business owner needs to be aware of these important changes. Overall, companies...

February 1, 2018


Fresh Pasta Holiday Fun for the Team

The Quist Team had a great time learning the art of fresh pasta as we shared in a homemade meal at Boulders Food Lab for Christmas 2017. Here are some photos of the fun!

January 5, 2018